Board Of Trustees

Sally WilliamsFounder and President

Sally Williams was the Founder and Executive Director of The Brodie Fund. The Brodie Fund was inspired by the love of a cat named Brodie and for 6 years offered financial assistance to families that had pets diagnosed with cancer. She was also mom to Marlin The Buddha Cat who bravely lived everyday to the fullest while living with cancer for 2 years. His legacy is Marlin Nation and his life is one of the inspirations for Mission Meow.

Sally is also the founder of Rescuing The Rescuers. This group is a safe space offering support and guidance related to compassion fatigue and burnout to those working in cat rescue, shelter, TNR, and the nonprofit community.

A lifelong animal lover and retired cat behavior consultant, Sally was a member of The Pet Professional Guild and the IAABC. Sally is a public speaker, animal advocate and long time volunteer for Catsbury Park. She is also a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Sally currently shares her home with The Pawsome Foursome aka West, Henry, Jonesey and Jameson.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

Mikel DelgadoTreasurer

Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Cat Behavior Consultant who has been working with cats professionally for over 20 years. She worked as a cat behavior specialist at the San Francisco SPCA for eight years before co-founding Feline Minds, where she offers assistance for cat owners, animal shelters, and corporations.

Mikel completed her PhD in animal behavior and cognition at UC Berkeley, and was a postdoc at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where she researched the social and feeding behaviors of cats and the health and behavior of orphaned neonatal kittens. She is author of the forthcoming book “Play with Your Cat!” (2023, Tarcher/Perigree) and co-authored the 2017 book “Total Cat Mojo,” with Jackson Galaxy

Tamar ArlanianVice President

Tamar Arslanian is founder of the popular blog IHAVECAT and author of the book Shop Cats of New York written-up in the New York Times, USA Today and New York Post.

She has consulted pet brands on marketing and social media, written for numerous outlets (i.e., Buzzfeed, Dodo, Catster), and shares her home with two rescue cats(Kip & Haddie) and the occasional foster.

For her day job, Tamar has served as vice president of account management at numerous high-profile New York City advertising agencies.

Jen GlickTrustee

Jen Glick is the founder of Volana Kote, creating keepsakes that help pet parents stay connected with their companion animals.

She is also the co-founder of 50/50 company, a creative design company that gives back to animal welfare groups with a percent of all proceeds.

Jen is the creative power-house behind Mission Meow.

She shares her home with four rescue cats, Molly, Beaver, Lil’ Kim and Suge White..

Mick SzydlowskiTrustee

Mick Szydlowski is an animal welfare advocate and director of communications for Washington state’s Progressive Animal Welfare Society (

Mick is also a marketing consultant, children’s book author, and cat dad to two blind cats named Juno and George (and previously Oskar the Blind Cat and Klaus).
Mick lives in Seattle with his wife, Bethany, and two daughters, Faye and Fern.

Jennifer BoaroTrustee

Jennifer Boaro is a designer and pattern maker who developed her original Cat Ball® cat bed while working as a costume designer. Her business, The Cat Ball, LLC, provides innovative cat bed designs that are designed for cats and styled for humans.

She lives in Bellevue, Washington with her husband and their two cats, Tink and Retro, who are both cross-eyed. Jennifer enjoys cat photography and collaborative projects with other creative people and pet lovers.

Samantha BellTrustee

Samantha Bell has been working with shelter cats and cat behavior for over 20 years. She spent many years as the Cat Behavior Lead for Best Friends Animal Society and as a national trainer for Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Pawsitive program, and now serves as the official cat expert for Best Friends. She mentors shelters around the country on kitten care and foster programs and educates the public on cat behavior via cat conventions, tv appearances, and social media. Samantha lives in Los Angeles with her orange rescued cats, Yohan and Desmond and lots of foster kittens.

Kristin Wuhrman Trustee

Kristin Wuhrman is an animal health entrepreneur and veterinary thought leader pushing boundaries for the advancement of veterinary medicine for over 20 years. Kristin is currently EVP, Head of Veterinary Strategy and Operations at Basepaws (acquired in 2022 by Zoetis I NYSE:ZTS). She’s most passionate about feline health. Kristin is an advocate for educating cat parents on unique behavioral and wellness needs of felines and driving the importance of veterinary visits. Kristin has been an avid volunteer and mentor for cat rescues and animal welfare organizations for over two decades.

She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and their four incredible senior cats, Lexi, Ruthie, Lulu and Chuck. Kristin enjoys running, hiking, canoeing, pickleball, farmers markets, vegan cooking and connecting with other cat advocates.

Kristina Hughes

Kristina Hughes, co-founder of Frame Your Feline, pioneers an innovative cat shelf that transforms felines into living masterpieces. This unique vertical space not only fulfills the essential needs of cats but also adds a touch of beautiful aesthetics to home decor.

With a lifelong connection to cats, Kristina has become the trusted “go-to” person among her friends and neighbors for valuable advice and tips on feline care. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she actively contributes to animal welfare by assisting in the rehoming of soon-to-be-abandoned animals. Kristina is also involved in the rescue efforts, pulling and transporting dogs and cats from two high-kill shelters in the Antelope Valley.

In addition to her commitment to animal welfare, Kristina wears multiple hats. She’s not only a stand-up comedian, affectionately dubbed the “Modern Day Mrs. Maisel,” but also a co-owner of two Entertainment Industry-related businesses, Holdon Log and PerformerTrack. Additionally, she co-heads the production/design house, OneBite Creative, and proudly holds the title of a former Miss Connecticut USA. Currently residing in Los Angeles County with fellow board member Brian Vermeire, their son Jackson, and an impressive count of 8 wonderful rescue cats, Kristina’s life is a harmonious blend of creativity, compassion, and joy.

Brian Vermeire

Brian Vermeire’s journey into the whimsical world of feline companionship began without a single purr. Growing up with a loyal dog, cats were a mystery until he crossed paths with Kristina Hughes. Fast forward to today, and he not only cohabitates with Kristina and their son Jackson, but also plays butler to 8 rescue cats. Together, Brian and Kristina co-founded Frame Your Feline, a unique cat shelf that transforms felines into living works of art.

Brian is more than just a cat enthusiast; he is a dynamic entrepreneur involved in various ventures. Alongside Kristina, he co-owns two Entertainment Industry-related businesses, Holdon Log and PerformerTrack. Adding a stroke of creativity to their canvas, Brian helms OneBite Creative, a web/graphic/video design venture bringing imaginative concepts to vibrant life.

When not herding his 8 cats or exercising his entrepreneurial spirit, Brian enjoys getting behind a microphone making crowds laugh as a headlining stand-up comedian. Welcome to ‘The Life of Brian’… where cats, creativity, and comedy collide! 🎙️😺


Stacey YoungBusiness Partner Advisor

Stacey Young is a cat toy maker and creator of For Mew, a handmade cat toy business, that is devoted to bringing cats and their humans joy while helping cats in need.
She is also an artist and an advocate for animal rights. Stacey lives in Reno with her cat Mischa, her semi feral cat Bean, and newly adopted dog Skeet.

Kayla Tabish
Fundraising Advisor (putting the fun in fundraising)

Kayla Tabish was born and raised in the northwest, in Spokane, Washington. She took to training horses and dogs at a young age. She now resides is Southern California and her newest passion is adventure training with cats.

Kayla is a television and film producer for platforms such Netflix. She also enjoys creating cat training content for instagram and the cat community.

Kayla is passionate about animals and raising awareness for mental health. She has worked on many charitable campaigns that use awareness to move towards removing the stigma that comes with depression and mental health.

Ana Maria Wier

Ana Maria Wier is an Industrial and Graphic designer specializing in space planning and ergonomics, working in environmental, retail and interior design.She is the founder of Princess Dreams inc over 20 years ago and developer of The Vegan Cat and Dream Cat brands for the last 10 years.

She was asked by a local friend that runs a cat rescue center to design a new line of cat toys for a Chicago no-kill shelter fundraiser. After a positive reception, her handmade toys are now sold on Etsy and found in national monthly subscription boxes. Several cat rescue groups, local and national, receive donations from her throughout the year.

She is working on bringing individuals and groups of women together to show their work and encourage fair trade.

Making dreams come true is central to her design philosophy. She works and develops new handmade cat toys that can bring a playful time for cats and humans alike.
She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and their rescued cats Fred, George and Jack.

Erin Lyd

Erin Lydy is the founder of FC3 Firelands Community Cat Coalition, located in Norwalk, Ohio. Erin’s non-profit was the fifth organization to receive a Mission Meow grant, which took place in August 2023 with an amazing in-person celebration at CatCon.

In 2019, Erin attended CatCamp in Las Vegas, learned a lot about TNR, fostering, and advocating for community cats, and brought home her two one-eyed cats (Pippi Grace and Astrid Sailor) that she adopted from a rescue in Las Vegas. While at CatCamp, she adopted the phrase “Be the Someone” and started her own TNR non-profit after realizing the significant problem in her community. To date, FC3 has fixed almost 400 community cats.

In addition to FC3, Erin and her husband Matt own and operate a Victorian bed and breakfast in Norwalk, Ohio and are very involved in their community. Erin also owns her own consulting business where she helps leaders improve employee engagement and workplace culture. In addition to Pippi Grace and Astrid Sailor, Erin is cat mom to two foster-fails Graham and Elsa.