Cat Amazing!

There is a special relationship between cats and boxes that us humans will never understand. If you place a box on the ground, odds are that your cat will utilize this box in some way, either to sleep or play or both. There are many boxes placed around my house in different shapes and sizes. One of Lily’s favorite games is to put her toys in a box and play with them. She will play for hours and hours with her ball and box. Andrey Grigoryev, founder of Cat Amazing, understands the love that cats have for boxes and has created a toy that will keep your baby engaged and entertained.

Mooky’s Vision

Over a decade ago, Andrey noticed that his beloved cat, Mooky, loved to play with some of his toys inside boxes. Just like my Lily Bell. Andrey decided to make Mooky some mazes out of boxes that he had around. After seeing how much Mooky enjoyed the mazes, Andrey decided to see what kind of mazes he could purchase for Mooky. Perusing through the many different kinds of toy and feeder puzzles on the market, Andrey noticed that most of them were as if they were created for cats as an afterthought. They all seemed to be geared towards the way a dog would think. Certainly not to the intelligent and problem-solving way of thinking that our cats demonstrate. And, so, Cat Amazing was created.

Now that Andrey had the concept of Cat Amazing, what material would he use? After going through different material options and some prototypes, Andrey finally decided to go back to Mooky’s original vision using cardboard. The rest is history. The Cat Amazing Classic was the born. Seven years later, Andrey created Sliders and Mega versions. Each one designed to provide your cat with the stimulation they need to be happy and healthy. Andrey, along with his 2 product testers, Zeke and Eli, is always thinking of the next product to challenge and enrich your furbabies. You can be sure it will be great with Zeke and Eli’s input.

Giving Back to Where It Matters

All of Andrey’s cats have been adopted rescues. he is a huge advocate for adoption and rescues. Wanting to give back to organizations that he respects, Andrey started the Cat Amazing Shelter and Rescue Enrichment Program. This awesome program provides shelter and rescues with Cat Amazing Enrichment Kits that includes puzzles toys and Cat Enrichments Brochures. This amazing program will not only help keep the kitties in shelters and rescues entertained and enriched but will also help get them adopted. Because we all know that a bored kitty can become a destructive or aggressive kitty. And not many people want to adopt a kitty like that.

As amazing as the Enrichment Program is, Andrey wanted a way to be able to financially support shelters and rescues. A way that he could not only trust where his donations were going, but also actually see the good that it was doing. Enter Mission Meow. Cat Amazing is proud to be a part of Mission Meow as a business partner. It warms Andrey’s heart to know that his company is helping so many cats in need exactly where they need it the most.

Boxes are the BEST!

Cat Amazing is quite possibly the best toy ever! They have turned the simple cardboard box into a toy that can help stimulate your cat. Sharpening their hunting skills and decreasing their boredom levels. We all know that a happy cat has a lot of enrichment and stimulation in their lives. Cat Amazing provides your babies with what they need and want. My babies have their first puzzle coming. I can’t wait to see how they respond and who can solve the puzzles faster. If you are ready to provide your furbabies with a toy that is going to enrich their lives in so many ways, then check out Cat Amazing and be amazed.

“Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.” – Mason Cooley

Slow Blinks,