As a dedicated cat parent, a good portion of my life is spent caring for my cats. Feeding them, giving them supplements, playing with and providing them with mental stimulation. And, of course, the dreaded scooping and cleaning of litter boxes. The not-so fun part of providing for our cats. I did the math, not my strong area, and it seems that I spend a full week out the year scooping my cats’ litter boxes. That is just scooping. That doesn’t include the weekly deep cleaning that I do to the boxes and the area around them. A whole WEEK of a year of my life! So, when I heard about Cat Savant and Scoop Buddy, I was very interested. Always looking for a way to make my life a little bit easier.

Making Life Easier One Scoop at a Time

So, what is Cat Savant, other than a genius name? Cat Savant’s Scoop Buddy is the brainchild of Carolyn Rafferty. Like most recent success stories, the concept for the Scoop Buddy came to Carolyn during the Pandemic. Spending more time at home with her cats, Ashton & Penelope, Carolyn started thinking about just how messy scooping the litter box can be. No matter how hard you try to NOT get litter on the floor, litter always seems to get on the floor. She started tossing around concept ideas with her husband, who just happens to have an engineering degree, and they came up with a design.

At first, Carolyn thought her idea was silly and just something to help make her life a bit easier. Then, when she realized how well the Scoop Buddy worked and how it actually did make her life easier during the dreaded litter box cleanings. Gone were the days of litter spills, dirty floors and hands. She knew other cat parents could use a way to make their lives easier. So, designing and production began, and Cat Savant launched the Scoop Buddy early Spring of 2023. Over the past few months, what Carolyn thought was a silly idea has turned into a very smart idea. A Cat Savant, if you will.

The Scoop Buddy design is very simple. Two anchors that hook to your existing litter box. You then attach your litter bag to the anchors and boom, bye bye messy scooping. The genius design of the Scoop Buddy allows you to scoop the litter waste straight into the bag without any dirty litter falling onto the floor. A genius, time saving idea. No longer do I need to drag the handvac around with me to all my litter boxes. Game changer for me, as well as so many other cat parents everywhere.

Supporting Cats in Need

Carolyn has always supported local rescues. She adopted her two mini panther siblings from an adoption fair nine years ago. When she started Cat Savant, she knew that supporting cats in need was going to be one of their main missions. A portion of each Scoop Buddy purchase goes to help some amazing shelters and rescues across the US. Becoming a Business Partner with Mission Meow allows Carolyn to have a bigger impact with her

donations. That means supporting more cats in need. Through Cat Savant, Carolyn is making the lives of many cat parents a lot easier, and, in turn, supporting even more cats in need. If easier litter box scooping is something that you are interested in, check out Cat Savant.

“The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself.”
― William S. Burroughs

Slow Blinks,