Fegnion – The Ultimate in Raw Food

Fegnion – Feline Rare Nutrition

If you have been following me for any time, you know that I am a huge advocate for raw feeding for my cats. Our cats are obligate carnivores and thrive on a species appropriate raw food diet. I take pride in the fact that I am feeding my babies a high-quality diet that will help to keep them healthy. Recently, I had the immense pleasure of chatting with the creators of Fegnion Raw Cat Food. They are the ultimate in raw food. Think the Feline Filet Mignon of raw food. This company is setting the standard for the raw food industry, and it is a game changer for our cats.

Only the Best

I had been researching a species appropriate raw food diet for my cats for a couple of years before I actually took the plunge. It was difficult for me to decide what raw food would be best for them. When feeding a raw diet, sourcing is extremely important. Fegnion Raw Cat Food takes extreme pride in the product that they make. They source their proteins from local farmers. The chicken they use is the same chicken that restaurants purchase for their customers to eat. Simply amazing! You, yourself, could actually eat the same food that you are feeding your cat. Cooked, of course.

Chicken for your cats. Good enough for you.

This truly impressed me. Like I said, sourcing is important when it comes to feeding raw. You need to make sure that the ingredients in their raw food comes from a reputable source. Knowing that Fegnion sources their ingredients from the same places that also provides proteins for human consumption. If it is good enough for humans to eat, then it is absolutely perfect for my babies. This is one reason why Fegnion is the Ultimate in Raw Cat Food.

Here for the Cats

The biggest thing that I got out of my conversation with Alma and Joseph was that their main goal is to help improve the health of cats. That is it. No hidden agendas. No plans or desires to become a multimillionaire. Fegnion was created in a desire to be able to feed Alma’s beloved, but extremely overweight, Gnocchi. Not being able to find a “true raw ancestral prey diet” on the market at that time, Alma created every meal for Gnocchi in her kitchen. Soon, Gnocchi started showing the benefits of his new diet. And Fegnion was born.

Fegnion’s Inspiration – Gnocchi

Alma and Joseph are dedicated to educating cat parents on the importance and benefits of feeding a species appropriate raw food diet. It only took one conversation with them to see how passionate they are about, not only their product, but their customers. They strive to make connections with their customers, which allows them to provide the best nutrition for the cats. Always learning and growing, Fegnion’s recipes have evolved and expanded, including a renal diet and treats. This level of passion and concern is another reason why Fegnion is the ultimate in raw cat food.

Opportunity to Give Back

As avid cat lovers and advocates, as well as the proud parents of two Bengals, Mishka and Chase, and a grey and white tabby rescue named Lenny, Alma and Joseph know the importance of helping those who work in cat rescue. They are so excited to be a Mission Meow Business Partner. It is so rewarding being able to see exactly where your donations are going and what impact they have. Being a part of Mission Meow gives them that opportunity. Giving just a little bit can help a lot. The biggest impact can come from something small. Just look at all that Fegnion has accomplished in helping cats live healthier lives.

Alma and Chase

Lenny – the rescue living his best life

“Never be embarrassed by how much you care about animals and how they’re treated.”

-Stephanie Feldstein

Slow Blinks,