Love and Above Cat Club

We all know the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” It is so very true. Yet, we all try to get every last drop out before we even think about refilling our cup. Self-care is an area that we often don’t think a lot about. Are we being lazy if we want to take some time to read a book or watch a movie or just have a moment to ourselves? The answer is no. However, it is hard to not feel guilty when we attempt to practice some self-care. Love and Above Cat Club knows how important self-care is to everyone, especially those involved in animal rescues, specifically cats. They have created an amazing line of products that make self-care easy. Most importantly, their products are safe to use around our cats, and can even benefit them as well.

Our Self-Care Helps Our Cats

Siena Lee-Tajiri has spent most of her life with the passion and desire to help others. She would go above and beyond in this endeavor. In her efforts to help and heal others, Siena, like most of us, would often to forget to help and heal herself. She knew there had to be a way to build a self-care routine into our daily lives. One that would not take too much time, causing us that inevitable guilt. A way for us to care for ourselves in order to be able to care for others, especially our cats. She toyed with this idea for many years. Until finally, the idea took fruition.

In 2021, Love and Above Cat Club was launched. This is a club specifically geared towards cat lovers. People who tend to love their cats more than they love themselves. Probably everyone who is reading this right now. Through flower essences, aromatherapy, and other items for you and your cats, Love and Above Cat Club provides a way for cat lovers to take some time for self-care and self-love. To give us an opportunity to love ourselves. Something that we generally don’t put much thought into.

Cumin Inspired

Siena was one of the lucky ones to have spent many years with her soul cat, Cumin. For over 19 years, Siena had the amazing opportunity to love and care for Cumin. A relationship with a soul cat is effortless. It is one of the most natural relationships you will ever have. When Cumin passed in 2016, Siena was lost. The constant source of unconditional love in Siena’s life was gone. She wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to give or receive love again without Cumin in her life. Through lots of introspection, Siena realized that Cumin taught her so much about giving and receiving love, and that although Cumin is in spirit, she is still sharing her love with Siena.

Guided by Cumin’s love and spirit, Siena has created some amazing products that will help cat lovers take some time for themselves. Love and Above Cat Club has so many beautifully crafted flower essence blends to help with a lot of the day-to-day issues that we deal with. Stress, forgiveness, strength, joy and more. All areas that us cat lovers need help with at some point. One of the best parts of their products is that all of them are completely safe to use around your cats. Being a huge cat lover, Siena knew that she needed to offer products that were created with cat lovers in mind and safety for our cats is important. And she has succeeded.

Spreading the Love

As someone who is driven to help others, it is no surprise that Siena wanted Love and Above Cat Club to be able to give back to others in need. Being a business partner with Mission Meow allows Siena and Love and Above Cat Club to help cat centric nonprofits in need. Knowing that she is able to be a part of helping so many nonprofits throughout the year provides Siena with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Offering cat lovers with an opportunity to take some time for self-love and self-care as well as being a part of an organization that helps cats in need seems like a blissful way of life. Love and Above Cat Club can help you find your bliss.

“Love yourself like you love your cat.” – Siena, Love and Above Cat Club

Slow Blinks,