Sheer Fun for Cats is Pure Fun

One of the best cat toys I have purchased.

If your cats are spoiled like mine, they probably have more toys than they actually play with. My
cats have a few toys that they love and continue to play with, but most of their toys are in a toy
basket and haven’t been touched in forever. I rotate their toys around trying to give them the idea
that they are “new” toys, but cats are smart and mine won’t fall for that trick. Carolyn Keene
from Sheer Fun for Cats has found a very clever way to bring new life to your cat’s old toys.
Sheer Fun for Cats is a simple toy that will provide you and your cats with so many interactive
ways to play. Sheer Fun for Cats is pure fun. Plain and simple.

Lily & Cactus exploring Sheer Fun for Cats

I first saw Sheer Fun for Cats through Chicago Black Cat of Mikita hiding and attacking his
“prey” from behind the curtain. I wondered if my cats would like it and have to admit that I was
hesitant to purchase yet another toy that my cats would ignore. Boy was I wrong. My cats LOVE
it! My Sheer Fun for Cats arrived a couple of weeks ago and they have been going crazy with it.
A couple more will be purchased so everyone will be able to enjoy it without having to share. I
have tried numerous things with it. It is so versatile. I draped it over a cat tunnel so they could
hide behind and pounce out. Covered a wand toy so they could attack their prey. Their favorite
way to play with it was draped over a box. Surprising, I know.

Lily “hiding” in waiting

Simple Concept, Genius Idea

Carolyn came up with the idea for Sheer Fun watching her cat, Trooper, hide and play in her sheer curtains. It is a known fact to us cat owners that cats love to hide and pounce at each other and their “prey”. So, low hanging curtains are a perfect place for cats to stalk from. As a pet sitter, Carolyn would often notice that many of her clients had numerous cat toys that were often
ignored. She would put some tissue paper over the toys and noticed the cats would start attacking and playing with the toys like they were new again. However, tissue paper is not the safest for cats as they might eat the paper. The connection between the sheer curtains that her beloved Trooper liked to hide behind and the tissue paper concept was made.

Carolyn and Trooper, the inspiration for Sheer Fun for Cats.

And Sheer Fun for Cats was created. In 2018, Carolyn started a Kickstarter campaign to fund her product idea. A year later, she was ready for production and distribution. The original Sheer Fun was a bit smaller and had ties to attach to a chair. After receiving feedback, Carolyn increased the size of the fabric and attached Velcro which was safer for cats during playtime. Once she realized that her product was being used by vet offices and rescues as a way to give the cats in their care privacy and a way to “hide” in their kennels, Carolyn came out with the Patient Privacy Screen which is smaller and has ties that can be easily attached to the front of a kennel. Another genius idea!

Giving Back

Even though Sheer Fun is a small company, Carolyn is passionate about giving back to the Cat Community. She was excited for the opportunity to become a part of Mission Meow and to help impact so many rescues and the lives of the cats they work with. After chatting with Carolyn, her passion for the health and well-being of all cats was very evident. Not only does she foster kittens & cats in need, but she is heavily involved in TNR (which you know is near and dear to my heart). She is an advocate for a species appropriate raw diet. Carolyn understands the importance of providing your cat with the mental stimulation that they need to thrive. Sheer Fun for Cats helps provide this stimulation. It provides your cat with a way to bring out their inner instincts. Definitely a must have for your cats!

Zazzles can’t find Cactus hiding under the Sheer Fun for Cats.

Cactus “hiding” in the Sheer Fun for Cats.

“Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.” – Mason Cooley

Slow Blinks,