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If you have a cat, you probably have at least 1 cat tree. Currently, I have 4 upstairs, 2 downstairs, and 2 in the Cat House. My cat trees are pretty basic and standard. Multi-levels, carpeted, some have scratchers, others have toys, but pretty much the same generic cat tree. Cat trees are essential to keep our cats happy and healthy. They need places of their own. They need levels so they can get as high as they can. Sadly, most cat trees are an eyesore. They stick out like a sore thumb. But what if you can provide your cats with a stylish piece of furniture? Something that fits your decor or personality. Well, thanks to Mario Arbore, founder of Square Paws, now you can.

Boring By No Means

Providing a space for your cat does not mean that you have to be boring. Square Paws provides cat parents with a way to express their personalities with their cat’s furniture. Wine lover? Try the Catbernet. Beach lover? Maybe a lighthouse or lifeguard chair. The possibilities are endless, and no challenge is too big for Mario. Creating new and unique pieces of cat furniture has turned into a passion for him. Square Paws’ designs are truly art with a function.

As an architect by trade, Mario’s 1st attempt at a cat tree was a 10ft lighthouse that he built for his 2 cats. That piece lighted the way, pun intended, to a shift in career paths. Not only has Mario designed some pretty cool pieces of cat furniture, he also been a part of designing some really impressive projects. Beth Stern from North Shore Animal League had him design pieces for their Billy Joel free roam cat room. Pete Cohen, founder of ZenByCat, a FIP non-profit, had Mario design an AMAZING tree that would serve many purposes in the House of Nekko. My absolute favorite is the Ladew Cat Sanctuary Retro Renovation. I could definitely see myself living there with the cats. Mario has definitely found his niche creating furniture and living spaces for cats that are not only functional but very pleasing to the eye.

Making a Difference

If being able to have a stylish piece of cat furniture is what it takes to get people to be open minded to adopting a cat, then Mario’s goal for Square Paws will be achieved. His 4 rescue cats (Bella, Ciccio, Lana & Sophia) reap the benefits in that they get to enjoy all of Mario’s prototypes. Very lucky kitties! As part of Square Paws mission, 10% of their profits go the animal nonprofits. When Mario heard about Mission Meow, he pounced at the chance to be a business partner. He loves that his donations will go to many rescues throughout the year, and he will get to see where and how his donations are making a difference.

If you are interested in adding some fun, whimsical pieces of cat furniture to your decor, I highly suggest that you check out Square Paws. I already have some ideas brewing in my mind for some custom pieces. Maybe even having Mario work his magic and design something cool for the Kracken Kitties space. Or maybe a cool enchanted forest catio for the Cat House Cats. Whatever I decide to do, I know Mario will accept the challenge and create something that is unique and personal while still being absolutely functional and loved by my cats.

“Cats strongly believe that everywhere is designed for their comfort!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Slow Blinks,