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I have had cats for all but 2 years of my life. Through the years, there have been cats who would demonstrate some behavior issues. Things like inappropriate scratching or bathroom habits. I just figured they were being little jerks and learned to deal with it. As I have learned more about cat behavior, I have realized that most of the time they are not being jerks. There is a legitimate reason they are misbehaving. Sometimes, it is a health issue that needs to be addressed. For those other times, you may need to determine what is the root cause of this inappropriate behavior. But where do you begin. Luckily, they are people who specialize in this area, like The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist.

Train a Cat?

The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist, Pam Webster, has always loved helping animals. As a vet tech, she was able to help keep animals healthy. It was during her time as a vet tech that she first learned about Cat Behaviorists. It was a concept that intrigued and interested her. Fast forward some years, Pam decided to move onto the next chapter of her life and become certified as a Cat Trainer. So, what exactly is a Cat Trainer and most importantly, why do you need a Behavior Consultant in your tool belt?

The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist, Pam Webster and her Maine Coon, Mowgli.

Juju and RayRay having a snuggle session.

With her expertise, Pam can help you with a variety of behavior issues that you might be dealing with in your cats. Some of the more common behaviors that Pam deals with are aggression, inappropriate scratching or jumping onto forbidden places, and the most common one, inappropriate bathroom habits. Three things that I thought my past cats were doing just because they were little jerks. Where was The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist when I needed her back then?

Pam working with harness training.

Working with socialization and harness training.

Socializing includes learning to not eat our new friends.

Cat Trainers, Cat Behaviorists and Cat Behavior Consultants are a fairly new concept in the pet industry. Who would have thought that you could train a cat, or even would need to? Pam works with the owners to determine the root cause of the inappropriate behaviors they are dealing with. She is able to empower the clients she works with, providing them with various tips and tools to help eliminate said behaviors. To someone who lives in a multi-cat household and deals with some kind of behavior issue frequently, having The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist as a resource is priceless.

Passions Unite

But how does crocheting relate to cat behaviors? Glad you asked. Other than helping cats, Pam’s other passion is crocheting. She noticed that any time she was crocheting a blanket, her own cats (she currently has 3 cats, Mowgli, a Maine Coon, RayRay, an orange tabby, and Juju, a beautiful mini panther) would always sleep on them as she was making the blankets. So, she did what any good crafty Cat Mom would do. She made them their own blankets. After seeing how much her babies loved the blankets, she started making them for the cats that she works with as a volunteer for Kitty CrusAIDe.

Juju reaping the benefits of Mom’s crocheting skills.

And The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist’s Cat Calming Blankets came to be. Pam has quite a few different patterns for sale on her website or you can message her for a custom design. These blankets are not only beautiful, but they serve many purposes for your cats. They are purrfect for calming and overall sleeping but can also be used to wrap your babies in a “purrito” to do nail trims or even, administer medicine. Each cat that is adopted through Kitty CrusAIDe goes home with one of Pam’s Cat Calming Blankets. You will also receive a blanket when you book a Cat Behavior Session with The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist.

Giving Back

Pam believes in giving back to the Cat Community. She volunteers with Kitty CrusAIDe, working on socialization, helping to eliminate any inappropriate behaviors they may have, and even harness training. Pam pounced on the opportunity to become a Mission Meow Business Partner. It meant a lot to Pam to know that her donation was not only going to a cat centric non-profit, but she was going to be able to see exactly how. That concept warmed her heart as much as her Cat Calming Blankets will warm your babies.

Giving back to help more kittens and cats in need is important to The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist.

If you are dealing with a specific behavior issue with your cats, I would highly recommend contacting The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist. If you are unsure if Pam can help, send her a message and she will do a consultation with you to discuss options. It is an amazing resource to have when we are trying to provide a happy and healthy life for our babies.

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”

– Bill Dana

Slow Blinks,