Volana Kote – Whisker Jewelry

Volana Kote – Whisker Jewelry

Jen Glick, creator of Volana Kote

For years now, anytime I find one of my cat’s whiskers, I pick it up and keep it. There are so many superstitions involving cat whiskers. They can bring good fortune and luck. Keep a whisker in a white bag in your car to have safe travels. Whether you are a believer of superstitions or not, finding one of your beloved cat’s whiskers is rare. Cats do not lose their whiskers often (if your cat is losing a lot of whiskers, please have them checked by a vet). How cool would it be if we could actually wear our babies’ whiskers in a stylish and eye-catching piece of jewelry? Thanks to Jen Glick and her AMEOWZING company, Volana Kote, you can!

A Tale of Two Passions

For as long as Jen can remember, she has had 2 great passions – jewelry and cats. Creating beautiful pieces of jewelry comes naturally for her. Her great love for cats, even more. In 2010, Jen decided to combine her 2 passions and Volana Kote, which means Moon Kitten, was born. Her 1st piece contained whiskers from one of her own cats. She played around with designs, settings and backgrounds for a few years, making jewelry for friends and family. In 2017, Volana Kote jewelry became available to the public. She made the decision to attend Catsbury Park Cat Convention in 2018 as a vendor and quickly realized just how supportive the Cat Community is.

Some AMEOWING pieces from Volana Kote

Whisker earrings from Volana Kote.

Over the past 5 years, Jen has continued to create unique pieces of jewelry allowing pet parents to keep a piece of their pets with them always. She can use whiskers, fur, teeth, cat claw sheaths and more. She even created a piece of jewelry using a piece of burial shroud, which was a first for her. Jen has a self-proclaimed obsession with looking for interesting settings that she can use in her jewelry. Each piece is custom made with the pet in mind. Referencing a picture of your cat, or other animal, Jen will hand paint the setting background to match your cat’s eyes. How cool is that?

A 3rd Passion

Throughout the years, Jen has always volunteered at shelters and donated to rescues. She has deep respect for those who work in animal shelters and rescues. Her 4 cats, Molly, Lil Kim, Shug White and Beaver, are all rescues. Jen has deep respect for those who work in shelters and rescues. Being able to donate to help animals in need is very important to her. With Volana Kote being a business partner with Mission Meow, Jen is able to make a bigger impact for cats in need with her donations. All 3 of her passions are entwined and that is absolutely purrfect for Jen. If you are looking for a uniquely amazing way to keep a piece of your cat, past or present, with you, then be sure to check out Volana Kote. You will not be disappointed.

Jen will match the jewelry background with your cat’s eyes.

“Kittens are angels with whiskers.”

– Alexis Flora Hope

Slow Blinks,